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55 Word BioJust like Liberace, David Saffert shares his brilliant piano skills, glamorous costumes, and that trademark, unforgettable wink. Jillian Snow Harris delightfully croons & delights as Liza Minnelli. Bo Ayars, Liberace’s arranger/music director, conducts the show for an unforgettable evening of music and entertainment harkening back to all the good parts of the good ‘ol days.

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What the Press is saying...

He didn’t just impersonate the pianist, he really embodied his whole spirit.
— San Francisco Chronicle
It’s obvious from the get-go that Saffert and Snow Harris have worked hard to create a loving homage to these characters, and crafted a fine line that teeters between well-done and camp.
— Oregon Arts Watch, Portland, OR
I don’t know if I’ve ever heard Liberace played like that other than the last time I heard Liberace play like that.
— Steve Schorr; Host of VegasLifeTV’s Under the Vegas Sun
A sparkly spectacle of a show
— Duluth News Tribune, Duluth, MN
Harris’s comic timing and Liza impression are spot-on
— Duluth News Tribune, Duluth, MN
The show celebrated the immense talent and quirky personas of Liberace and Liza while playing upon an imaginary friendship between the two. Saffert and Harris, who’ve performed together for years, played their Liberace and Liza beautifully off one another…
— San Francisco Chronicle
Gives off the sparks of a well-programmed Vegas act
— Oregon Arts Watch, Portland, OR
...flat-out nails the mild manner and voice, the banter with the audience, and especially the virtuosity at the keyboard”
— Duluth News Tribune, Duluth, MN

Promo VideoS

Have yourself a charming little Christmas with Liberace & Liza
— Duluth News Tribune