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 PHOTO BY: Samuel Morisette Calvert

PHOTO BY: Samuel Morisette Calvert

55 Word BioJust like Liberace, David Saffert shares his brilliant piano skills, glamorous costumes, and that trademark, unforgettable wink. Jillian Snow Harris delightfully croons & delights as Liza Minnelli. Bo Ayars, Liberace’s arranger/music director, conducts the show for an unforgettable evening of music and entertainment harkening back to all the good parts of the good ‘ol days.

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What the Press is saying...

It’s obvious from the get-go that Saffert and Snow Harris have worked hard to create a loving homage to these characters, and crafted a fine line that teeters between well-done and camp.
— Oregon Arts Watch, Portland, OR
Gives off the sparks of a well-programmed Vegas act
— Oregon Arts Watch, Portland, OR
Harris’s comic timing and Liza impression are spot-on
— Duluth News Tribune, Duluth, MN
...flat-out nails the mild manner and voice, the banter with the audience, and especially the virtuosity at the keyboard”
— Duluth News Tribune, Duluth, MN
I don’t know if I’ve ever heard Liberace played like that other than the last time I heard Liberace play like that.
— Steve Schorr; Host of VegasLifeTV’s Under the Vegas Sun
A sparkly spectacle of a show
— Duluth News Tribune, Duluth, MN

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Have yourself a charming little Christmas with Liberace & Liza
— Duluth News Tribune