"It’s obvious from the get-go that Saffert and Snow Harris have worked hard to create a loving homage to these characters, and crafted a fine line that teeters between well-done and camp."

- Oregon Arts Watch

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high-voltage virtuosity meets comic chemistry in this dazzling tribute to Liberace & Liza Minnelli.

David Saffert & Jillian Snow Harris share the stage as Liberace & Liza Minnelli, creating an exhilarating night of musical and comical fireworks.  Delighting in the costumes, music, and glamour of show business's wildest entertainers, you and your friends will be smiling and clapping along to such hits as Boogie Woogie, Chopsticks, Cabaret, & New York, New York.  And conducting the entire show is Bo Ayars who toured with "Lee" for 13 years as his arranger and Music Director. Liberace said, "I don't give concerts, I put on a show."  That's what we do, and what a show it is!


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Liberace & Liza Live!   A Tribute 

Our blinged-out tribute to these two legendary gems includes authentic Liberace piano medleys, high-voltage Liza hits, dazzling costumes & rings, and enough laughs to keep you glowing for days.

"A sparkly spectacle of a show"  - Duluth News Tribune





Liberace & Liza Christmas!  A Tribute

A joyful holiday-cabaret extravaganza with upbeat tunes, Christmas carol sing-a-longs, mystery audience presents, and the Limbo!  

"Gives off the sparks of a well-programmed Vegas act" - Oregon Arts Watch



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